Today I spoke with a customer who was trying to find some code files and HTML script files that were deleted by a user remotely off of a shared drive. It turns out this drive is in a office and was being used to share data but it seems the right security settings were not in place allowing a remote user to delete these files which were badly needed. After the customer contacted me, I walked him through setting up the drive to scan. Since these files might not show up in script I recommended that he use the FileIQ feature which allows a user to set up a user defined file module for files which may not get picked up otherwise in Data Rescue 3. I also told him about the default size on this user defined file module and to increase or lower it to the largest file size to get the best results. I also explained to him that it would be best if he ran a deleted files scan since this is a 28TB raid array. The deleted file scan runs on the free space of the hard drive or in this case, raid array.  He was happy with the help and started to scan, I spoke with him again and it seems it is 3/4 of the way there.