Today I helped a customer that was using Data Rescue 3 to recover accidentally deleted pictures from his Mac. He had deleted a folder containing his children’s holiday photos that were RAW images so he tried running a Deleted Files Scan but was unable to find any of these images. He was looking for .CR2 files from his new Canon camera and he explained that the .CR2 images from this new camera may be slightly different than the format that Data Rescue 3 supports. That was because this was a brand new file type that just came onto the market.

Since he was trying to recover a newer/updated file type, I guided him in using Data Rescue 3’s FileIQ feature which has the ability to learn new file types to add to the Scan Engine. All he needed to do was take 5 samples of these .CR2 files and input them into FileIQ and this enabled Data Rescue 3 to learn this new file type. He then ran another Deleted Files Scan and was able to locate the .CR2 files in the Scan Results under Reconstructed Files in the User Defined folder which contains the newly learned file types. He and his wife were very happy to get those images back using Data Rescue 3 and were glad that the FileIQ was able to help.