I helped a customer today use the DriveSlim feature of Drive Genius 3 to help free up space on his Mac hard drive. This customer recently saw warnings stating that “Your Startup Disk is Almost Full” so he knew that he needed to start removing unnecessary files from his hard drive. He had used DriveSlim to remove unwanted large files, duplicate files, localized resources for languages other than English, PowerPC binaries and cache/temporary files. This would free up a lot of space on his 500 GB hard drive and once he selected the files to be slimmed he chose the option to Archive these files.

After the Slimming process finished, he went to see how much free space was now available and saw that it was unchanged so he still needed to free up space. He was wondering what he did wrong when using DriveSlim so he contacted support. I explained to him that since he chose to archive the files, this saves the files removed by DriveSlim to a disk image that must be moved to deleted in order to free up space on the hard drive. He realized that the archive file was still in his Documents folder on his Mac and he moved it to an external hard drive. Once the archive file was moved he saw that he now had much more free space available on his Mac and his computer was running faster.

It is important to have free space available on your Mac hard drive because when it is near capacity this can negatively affect the operating system’s performance. DriveSlim can help you reclaim free space by finding and removing unwanted files.