With Apple on its heels of releasing Mountain Lion this summer I thought I would revisit volume cloning with Drive Genius 3’s “ Duplicate “ feature. This may sound trivial but before you upgrade to Mountain Lion I highly recommend backing up your existing Lion install and preserve it by making a bootable clone of it. During the release of Lion last year, I recall a good number of users purchasing Data Rescue 3 to recover their User folders documents , images , Movies, Mail and Audio after a failed attempt of a Lion upgrade. This can happen and it does, but the difference is when you have a bootable clone of your existing Mac OSX you can easily try another attempt to upgrade rather than have to reload Snow Leopard or Lion. If you find that your main applications or a good percentage of them are not updated but you still want to get on board with Lion or Mountain Lion when its released ,you can use Drive Genius 3 and repartition your drive and add an additional volume to run a “ Dual Boot Mac “.

The benefits of clone backups before upgrading and operating system can be enormous. Having a clone back and possibly running a dual boot Mac with A copy of your previous OSX on it allows you to migrate to the new OSX over time or incrementally. At one point you will find some apps that may not work with the new operating system and either not launch or work properly. This is another example where a dual boot Mac can be highly beneficial until complete support is available with your new OSX and your previous installed software.

You can use Drive Genius 3 ‘s“ Repartition” and “ Duplicate “ tools to create a extra volume on your Mac HD, then clone your existing Mac OSX to the newly added volume. by following theses “How-to guides”.

Resizing your drive / volume and adding an additional partition

Using Duplicate to clone your Drive or Volume: how to guide