I helped a Mac customer today that wanted to clone her two MacBook Pro’s hard drives and her Mac Mini’s hard drive to the same external drive. She had already completed the clone of her MacBook Pro using Data Backup 3 but was not sure what to do next. I explained to her that if she wanted to have two bootable clones of her Macs, they would need to be on separate partitions of her external hard drive. She was also an owner of Drive Genius 3 so I guided her to using the Repartition tool to create a new partition on the external hard drive to use for the Clone backup of her Mac Mini.

She was happy that she was able to create this new partition without having to erase the drive and run her first backup again. She now has clone backups for both of her Mac computer’s so her data is preserved and she can boot from either backup if she ever experiences any issues with her Mac hard drives.