Today I helped a customer who had run a scan using Data Rescue 3 on a 2 TB drive that had taken around 20 hours to finish. After the scan finished he recovered some of the files but not all of them but later realized he wanted to go back and recover more files. When he reopened Data Rescue 3 he was not able to get to “Browse Completed Scans” in the menu. He wanted to recover more files but did not want to run the scan again as it took such a long time (the first time), so he contacted Prosoft Support to see if we could help. I explained to him that this can happen if the Workspace volume is disconnected or if you changed the current Workspace.

I was able to guide him to where he could “Choose the Workspace” to see if we could find the original Workspace location where his scan results were saved. We were able to locate the volume that contained his existing scan and he chose this volume as the Workspace. When he went back to the main menu he was able to click on “Browse Completed Scans” again to access his scan results and recover the rest of the files he needed from his 2 TB hard drive. He was very happy that he was able to recover his files using Data Rescue 3 Mac Recovery Software and was glad that he did not have to rescan the drive if he wanted to go back and recover more files.