Prosoft Engineering’s data recovery software “ Data Rescue 3 and Data Rescue PC3 “ allow you to recover your data without an engineering degree. Among the tons of software available for both Mac and PC platforms the question becomes, which one should you choose? It starts by analyzing the company behind the applications and the people that support it. Does the company offer phone support? How long ago was their first version released? Do they call it free but it’s really a demo version? Free is great but does it really recover data or is this just an SEO attempt to reel you in?

Over the last year I have seen a few trends among newcomers in the Data Recovery Software market. They offer no phone support and only offer an email address if you have a question or need assistance.  Prosoft utilizes a ticket tracking system to track the progress of our customer and to share the info with our Engineering department and other Support personnel, in case you call back and the original support member is busy with another customer. Our Technical Support Reps do not work out of their house, do the accounting or write the code for the software. They are full time staff members who work in our corporate headquarters in the California Bay Area (Livermore to be exact).  Our support team is available Monday through Friday a total of 45 hours of coverage. Some other teams may have more available hours but those are always an overseas phone or email service who are usually not very technical and are sometimes paid more to “answer” more support cases than to actually have those cases solved.

Another trend I see is the utilization of forums for Search Engine Optimization. You can spot this when the forum moderators makes a ton of posts but there are actually very few discussion topics, in a sense its one-way dialoging. I have no issue with gorilla marketing as long is there is some benefit for the customer. The last trend is fake reviews. Prosoft prides itsself with top rated Support and best in the business Data Recovery Engineers. Our reviews on,, and Cnet are legitimate.

Before you buy a data recovery application check our website, reviews, how-to guides, available live support personnel and building address. If you’re going to pay similar pricing to our data recovery applications, make sure you’re getting what we offer: 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Here is the a picture of our new facility. If you’re paying $10 less for your data recovery application and you can’t call someone or verify that they even have an actual building, you may want to ask why are they charging so much.