Since Steve Jobs returned to Apple after being away at NEXT, Pixar and other stops, Jobs and Apple have gone from a tiny player seemingly on their last legs, into the leading tech company worldwide. Here's just a small list of Steve Jobs and some of the incredible achievements he's been a part of:
iMac-- The original bondi-blue iMac was an instant hit. Sales were great and they became internationally recognized. Various colors soon became available as did knock-off copies, but nothing hit the market quite so emphatically as the Bondi-Blue iMac did when it was released. It was the first mass market computer to aspire to looks rather than just technical specs of a brown box.  Accessories in matching colors soon flooded the market. The PC world had not seen anything like it before. Making computers look cool and desirable and customizable externally was in its infancy.
iTunes and then the iPod-- Up until iTunes and the iTunes Music Store came out, there really wasn't a good way to get songs onto your iPod. There were also many other MP3 players available at the time all with the same issues.. Sure, you could rip your own CDs in and just keep the songs you like, but there was not a good, legal way for you to get new music without buying a whole CD.   iTunes Music Store changed all that, and after its launch, the iPod, which had been out for a long time before, suddenly swelled in sales and exposure. iPods in rap videos, iPods in Swag-bags, iPods everywhere..The ubiquitous white headphones also became iconic.
Apple Stores-- The first Apple stores came onto the scene as the old Gateway Country stores were being boarded up. Get into corporate-owned retail stores? Are you crazy??? Yes, crazy smart-- Not only did the stores become successful, they have grown into the single most successful retail operation of ANY genre. Revenue-per-square-foot is reportedly the best in the business and the only problem Apple is seemingly having is not being able to open stores fast enough. Good problem to have-
iPhone-- Have you ever looked around a restaurant, train or other public place? You're more likely to see and recognize an iPhone being used more than any other phone. Yes, even your grandma has heard of an iPhone, it's THAT well known…
iPad--- Sure there had been tons of other tablets, but you just knew that Apple would do something that would bring their offering over the top and they sure did.. Seamless integration with our already-known-and-trusted iTunes account, apps,etc… It was a slam-dunk even before it was released--
These few hits have collectively built Apple into a worldwide leader in phones, computers, tablets, online music distribution and retail stores… All in such a short amount of time…. Steve Jobs will likely be viewed in the same way that we think of Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Ray Kroc and other great business leaders who drastically changed the landscape we live in today while greatly increasing a single company's value.