Last week I posted a blog on Data Rescue 3 and Drive Genius 3 called “Managing your digital assets with Data Rescue 3 and Drive Genius 3”. I wanted to go into more detail about utilizing Drive Genius 3 to manage, maintain, optimize and simply the best way to monitor the overall health of your drives.

Drive Genius 3 incorporates a bundle of useful tools to defrag, repartition, clone and scan you storage devices for bad blocks and volume issues. However what if you could be altered when volume corruption, bad blocks or volume defragmentation compromises your data being accessed properly ? As the Technical Support Manager at Prosoft Engineering I see many data recovery efforts stem from improperly ejected storage devices , power surges/outages and repair utilities inability to resolve more complex file system errors.

There are two solutions, one is having a good backup strategy like a Data Backup 3 clone backup and Apple’s “ Time Machine” simultaneously. The second option is installing Drive Genius 3 on all of your Macs to monitor all storage devices connected to them.

Drive Pulse is an proactive tool that concentrates on 3 major areas to keep your hard dives optimized, accessible and error-free. In addition this is done when your offline and and on a monthly basis. There is no other tool in the market for the Mac that offers this type of comprehensive protection right out of the box.

Physical problems: Performs a scan on disk to search for bad blocks on the hard drive ensuring the physical integrity of the device. Volume consistency problems: Performs a Verify on the volume to asses the integrity of the catalog and directory structures. Volume fragmentation: Scans the volume catalog and its files to determine the amount of fragmentation.

By focusing on these 3 areas Drive Pulse can actually prevent data loss scenarios, speed up your data access and alert you when physical defects crop up.

If you find you a have a more severe hard drive issue and Drive Genius 3 or Data Rescue 3 can not resolve or recover your files, we recommend visiting the for hardware recovery services.