This is a step by step tutorial on how to create a bootable startup disk using Drive Genius.  Drive Genius 3 is the number #1 rated disk utility and is used by Apple at the Genius Bar for its defrag feature.  Defragging your hard drive helps speed up your mac and make your hard drive run more efficiently.

Why create a startup disk?

The best and fastest way to run Drive Genius is by booting from a USB/FireWire Startup Disk.  This is the preferred method to get the best results out of the software. You will be able to launch Drive Genius quickly and effectively.

You will be able to utilize all of the features within this product:

• Drive Pulse • Enhanced Defrag • Enhanced Repartition • Email notifications • Run as a 64-bit on MAC OS 10.7 or later • RAID Support • Scan • Repair • Information • Drive Slim • Shred • Integrity Check • Sector Edit • Initial • Benchtest • Clone • Supports Hot File Adaptive Clustering


➢ You want to make sure to backup any data that is on the USB or Firewire drive that you are going to use. This process that you will perform will delete any data that is on the device.

Using Disk Utility to Create the Bootable Startup Disk

  1. Download the boot DVD image supplied with your purchase of Drive Genius.
  2. Open Disk Utility (Mac HD/Applications/Utilities).
  3. Select the Drive or Volume you will be using.
  4. Select “Images” in the main menu bar and choose Scan Image for Restore.

5. Browse and select the Drive Genius 3 .dmg files you downloaded earlier. 6. Click Scan.

  1. Once the scan is complete, you want to drag the Drive Genius 3 DVD .dmg file to the Source window.

  2. Drag the volume you want to make bootable to the Destination window.

  1. Click Restore.

How to Make Sure It Was Downloaded Correctly

Once the restore is complete, the new Drive Genius bootable device will mount on your desktop.

3 Ways to Boot From the New USB/FireWire Device

Option 1 Open System Preferences/Startup Disk then select the Drive Genius 3 icon and restart

Option 2 Restart your Mac and hold down the “option” key and select the Drive Genius 3 icon when prompted

Option 3 Restart your Mac and hold down the “C” key and select the Drive Genius 3 icon when prompted