Today I spoke with a customer who has a Mac Pro with multiple hard drives. The customer was having problems with his Mac Pro hard drives and he heard about the Drive Genius Defrag tool and was interested in running that on his Mac Pro. He wanted to speed his mac up, clean up the unnecessary files and do some general Mac maintenance. Hey, who doesn’t want a faster mac!?

I helped him install Drive Genius on his Mac Pro and helped step him through the process to defrag his hard drives on mac pro.  Once his drives are done with the defrag, they should run faster (faster access time to his files) and he will likely see less of the spinning beach ball.  Defragging will optimize his drives to run better than they do if they have fragmented files all over them-

Drive Genius defrag is commonly used by Apple store geniuses to defrag mac’s to resolve fragmentation that occurs over time.Drive Genius defrag is an easy tool to use and can run from inside the mac os x. All you have to do is launch Drive Genius from your mac’s applications folder and choose the hard drive on your mac that you would like to defrag and then press start. Drive Genius will then reboot the system in a minimal environment and run the defrag . After the defrag finishes the reboots and you will be in mac os x. Drive Genius makes your mac more responsive and quicker.