Today I worked with a customer who received a warning from DrivePulse stating that his startup drive in his iMac had critical errors. He wanted to know what his next course of action should be. I asked him to backup his drive first and then run a scan using Drive Genius 3 with Spare Bad Blocks checked. He tried to run a scan with spare bad blocks checked but it would fail saying there was a hardware failure. He contacted me again regarding this issue and told me the scan would not run unless he unchecked Spare Bad Blocks. I advised him at this point to replace the hard drive because if Drive Genius 3 had found bad blocks it would have finished the scan and then given you the results. In this case the scan of his hard drive would not even complete because the drive was suffering from a hardware failure and it was a good thing that DrivePulse was able to detect these errors so he could backup his drive. This is another example of Drive Genius 3 saving another user’s hard drive from crashing without a warning.