Today we have released the newest version of SoundBunny 1.1.4 where we have improved the functionality of the sliders and how they operate on the newer versions of OSX, as well as we have reduced the use of discrete gpu processes for certain Macs.

We have also improved the compatibility of SoundBunny when working with video games such as League of Legends; we now offer support on both the actual game and the client so now you can get crisp audio on those login animations.

SoundBunny allows for independent Mac volume control for the applications running on your system, which will allow you to increase or decrease the volume of all the apps running on your system. SoundBunny can be used for simple task such as muting or reducing the volume of other apps when you need to answer a phone call, or you can use SoundBunny to increase the sound of the games you are playing to ensure you always here those footsteps sneaking up behind you.

You can try the fully functional 30-day free trial of SoundBunny here.

If there are any other features or requests you might have for the software please let us know Here