Today Prosoft Engineering launches “Sound Bunny” an independent application volume control utility. This new application is user friendly and it virtually applies to almost everything you open. Here’s how it works, say your listening to Pandora or watching a DVD movie but don’t want your ichat or mail notifications chiming in at the same volume level. Its a snap with Sound Bunny, just adjust the volume for any application that shows up in the main window. Each application will have its own volume slider bar with a mute option. This is a first for the Mac , there is no other software currently available that allows this much total control of all your open application audio outputs.

This is Sound Bunny’s main window, here you can control all your applications independently by dragging each slider to your own individual setting. By customizing your individual applications one could setup Sound Bunny for specific applications to be louder and override the main audio app to alert your when a post-processing feature of another app is finished. This makes Sound Bunny extremely useful and the user configurability is endless.

The user control in Sound Bunny is a great addition to your Mac OS X version and at $10.00 its priced just right. Try the demo today and see what you been missing in Apple’s “ System Preferences “ for years. Remember to restart your Mac after installation, Sound Bunny requires a restart to work properly.