Today I helped a customer that was a professional photographer that was using Data Rescue 3 to recover pictures he had lost from his iPhoto Library. He had completed a Deep Scan but he was pretty new to using Macs and was not sure how to proceed.  Since he was looking for JPEG files, I guided him to the JPEG folders under Images in the Reconstructed Files folder of his scan results. He was then able to recover all of the images to his external hard drive.

Once the recovery completed he had over 10,000 images to go through but he only had maybe 1,000 images in his iPhoto library and these were the only pictures he wanted. He was not sure how to go through all those files efficiently so I was able to offer him some suggestions to sort the files by size or by date modified so he can weed out the excess images. These tips were very helpful and he was able to reorganize his images again fairly quickly and reimport them back into iPhoto. Overall he was very happy with Data Rescue 3 Mac Recovery Software and the support we offered him during and after his recovery attempt.