Recently Prosoft Engineering launched MediaTools Wipe, a professional level multi-drive hard drive data wiping tool. As the product manager of MediaTools Wipe, I am very excited about this new multi-drive, secure shredding application and what it brings to the drive utilities market.

IT professionals, data recovery labs and enterprise markets will appreciate the speed and flexibility of MediaTools Wipe to securely shred multiple drives simultaneously and quickly. This is all possible by using a multi-process architecture, which translates to multiple CPU cores and I/O channels automatically being utilized by the operating system to maximize the data throughput. An intuitive user interface provides key drive information using a hex viewer and a variety of visual cues to assure proper drive identification and process control.

MediaTools Wipe can be used with an external, hot-swappable multi-drive enclosure and a Tempo SATA E2P express card to build a dedicated secure drive-wiping workstation. This combination offers flexibility not found in fixed drive installations inside a computer. By adding a second Tempo SATA E2P express card you can double the amount of drives you can access to up to 20 with an additional tower raid enclosure and watch your productivity increase dramatically.

MediaTools Wipe is a great tool to repetitively erase data on lab drives, re-deploying laptop drives, workstations or hard drives that were used previously by other employees. You can use MediaTools Wipe to assist in throughly decommissioning old equipment and servers with a printable certificate of destruction for compliance. If you have any pre-sales questions about MediaTools Wipe, feel free to contact our technical support team (925) 426-6306. 7:00am-5:00pm PST Monday-Friday.