Today I helped a customer who had cloned a crashed Mac HD Hard drive to a disk image using Data Rescue 3 Mac Recovery Software. This is a good option if you have available hard drive space, and do not want to erase the contents of another hard drive. He was not sure what to do after Data Rescue 3 had completed the clone, so he contacted Prosoft Engineering technical support. I guided him to add the disk image file to the source list and then have Prosoft Data Rescue 3 run a Deep Scan from there. Once the Data Rescue 3’s Deep Scan finished, he was able to locate all of his missing files in the Data Rescue 3 scan results and recover his files from the clone. He was very happy with how easy it was for him to use Data Rescue 3 to recover his missing files and that he was able to get help from our support team whenever he had questions about some of the advanced features. Another happy macintosh user for Data Rescue 3!