A bit of panic may overwhelm you when your computer crashes or important, valuable files and photos are inaccessible. While some of these files can be re-created, many are unique and irreplaceable. Using Windows data recovery software may be the answer. Software for Macintosh is also available. However, how do you find the best solution with so many choices available? There is always a risk when buying a new software product. You may not know what to expect or look for in a product. Online reviews provide a wealth of information on these products. Searches on Google, Bing and other search engines point you to these reviews. People with software expertise usually write these reviews and give technical information on the use and effectiveness of the software in question. These are a must-read when choosing recovery software. Actual customers who have used the software or service, on the other hand, usually write testimonials. The company’s website is where you will find testimonials. The information gleaned here is not necessarily technical. They do not explain how it works, but that it actually did or did not work for them. Prosoft Engineering offers several solutions for both Macintosh and Windows-based PCs. Drive recovery software includes Data Rescue PC3 for Windows and Data Rescue 3 for Macintosh computers. The “Hall of Fame” section of their website is where you find customer testimonials. Written by end users, not experts, these testimonials are both informative and interesting and should be read as part of your decision-making process.