Today I helped a customer with a failing hard drive that needed to clone their drive in order to recover his files that were not backed up. I guided him to start a clone of his 500 GB hard drive using Data Rescue 3 but this was making very slow progress and they were seeing some read errors. I suggested to him to try a Reverse Clone Strategy by changing the cloning preferences, then attempting the clone again. This method ran a lot more efficiently for him and he was able to recover all of the data from the clone of his Mac hard drive.

By default Data Rescue 3 runs the clone from the beginning to the end of the drive. The Reverse Copy clone works from the end of the drive to the start. If there are errors at the start of a drive it can be helpful to try the Reverse Copy method and in this case it made a big difference.  He was very happy that the clone with Data Rescue 3  worked and was impressed that he was able to tweak the settings when the default method didn’t work.