Today I had a customer contact our support team since he needed help to restore his Apple mail.  He had accidentally deleted his mail accounts in AppleMail and was using Data Rescue 3 for Mac to recover the mail files. He was impressed with how easy it was to use and had already ran a Deep Scan on his internal hard drive.

Importing Recovered Mail

He was a little unsure of the next step involved and wanted some assistance.  I assisted him on how he should go about finding and restoring the lost mail.  The first step was to go through the Scan Results to locate the mail within the folder:  Reconstructed Files/Mail/AppleMail.  In that folder he was able to find his .mbox files and he then began recovering these files to another drive.

After Restoring Apple Mail

After the recovery was completed he contact support again and I walked him through how to import his .mbox files into his Mail application. Once he had Mail open he just needed to go to File->Import Mailboxes and then select the recovered .mbox files to be imported. When the import completed he had a folder named Import under his Mailboxes and was able to find the important emails that he had lost.

What is Data Rescue 3

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