Today I worked with a customer who was using Drive Genius 3 to Duplicate his Macintosh hard drive to an external hard drive that was 500GB. He had recently replaced his Macintosh hard drive with a 1TB hard drive and now he wanted to Duplicate his 500GB external drive to his new 1TB Macintosh hard drive. He was able to run the Duplicate successfully but when he looked at the information for his Macintosh hard drive he noticed that the size was 500GB and not the full 1TB. He contacted support and wondered what happened to the rest of the space on his 1TB drive.

I explained that the Duplicate will make an exact copy of the source and since his source was a 500GB partition it will copy the 500GB partition onto his destination. I then guided him to use the Repartition tool in Drive Genius 3 where he could Reset the partition map to include all of the space on this drive that was not included after the Duplicate. He was able to successfully reset the partition map and was happy that he was now able to use the entire 1TB of his new drive.