Today, I helped a customer who was using Data Backup 3, backup software for Mac to do a backup to a drive on the server remotely. Data Backup 3 has the ability to indeed remotely backup to a server.  He had tried to set up an instant backup using Data Backup 3 and wanted to find out if he was able to backup to a remote hard drive on the server. This kind of flexibility is not offered by many Mac hard drive backup programs and therefore makes this backup software very valuable for a mac user to have and use for backing up a Mac or number of Macs on a network.

Time Machine does offer a backup solution, either to a time capsule or a drive directly connected and cannot do more than 1 backup to more than one drive. If a user decides to do multiple types of backups, Time Machine cannot handle that.  Data Backup 3 can and will backup to as many drives as can be connected, to do multiple backups with a wide range of scheduling choices.