I worked with a customer with a PC regarding lost pictures from external hard drive . He wanted to recover these valuable family picture from years of collecting them. I advised him about Data Rescue PC3 and recovering his lost pictures by running a scan . I instructed him to go to our website www.prosofteng.com and download the free trial for Data Rescue PC3 to his PC. Customer had a problem installing this demo for Data Rescue PC3 . I then instructed the customer unzip the downloaded file and burn a disc before installing it on his PC’s hard drive. Launching Data Rescue PC3 will open up the wizard which will guide you to run a scan on the hard drive with the lost pictures. First you choose the drive then hit next. Then choose the scan button and the hard drive scan is started. When the scan is finished on the PC’s hard drive you will see a root folder which will contain a documents and pictures folder inside. At this point you can choose the entire pictures folder and right click with the mouse to recover the folder to another hard drive. After the recovery is complete minimize Data Rescue PC 3 and review your pictures and browse through them.