Today I helped a customer who had an accidentally erased the main hard drive on her MacBook Pro. She was having issues with her laptop and went to a friend for advice. Her friend suggested that she reinstall Mac OS X so she decided to do so and after the reinstall her laptop was working just fine except for one major problem: In order to reinstall Mac OS X she had to erase her internal hard drive and she did not have her data backed up.

Someone had suggested that she try Data Rescue 3, and therefore she contacted us in a panic, wondering if there was anything that could be done to restore her lost data. I guided her to downloading the free trial of Data Rescue 3 to an external drive and running it from the external drive to avoid writing any more data to her internal Mac hard drive. She then began a Deep Scan on her hard drive and when it completed, she was able to see that her pictures and documents were indeed still retrievable. She then purchased Data Rescue 3 and recovered all of her files to an external drive.