</a>Most Common Support Call</h2>

 As a support rep for a data recovery software company, the most common support call I receive is…. “I deleted data from my computer, what can I do to recover it?”

Recovering Lost Data

Here are some simple steps to follow after you've mistakenly deleted data from your hard drive.  I spoke with a gentleman that accidentally did that today.  After you have deleted data by mistake, you need to limit your activity on the drive.   Even web browsing writes data to the drive, meaning you could be writing over the deleted files you want to get back.  It goes without saying that downloading files is definitely a no no. When this customer called and said he deleted the wrong document by mistake, I asked him what he’s done since that happened. He had already downloaded some hard drive recovery software on to the same hard drive, but that software did not work.

A Key Step to Deleted File Recovery

I walked him through changing his download location and he downloaded Data Rescue 3 for Mac onto his external drive. We launched the software from the external drive and ran it from there to scan the internal drive. Once the scan was finished then we reviewed the results. He browsed through the folders and then after it looked promising, he marked the folders to recover. The initial activity is critical to recovering data after you have lost it.  If you don’t follow these steps you will make recovering that single deleted file impossible.

Guide for launching Data Rescue 3 from external download location.

More Info About Data Rescue 3

Data Rescue 3 works even when your hard drive fails to mount or boot. Data Rescue is the most-awarded, most-used hard drive recovery software for the Mac. Data Rescue is even used by data recovery specialists, forensic recovery teams and IT groups worldwide. Data Rescue is easy-to-use deleted file and hard drive recovery in a box!