Losing a document, spreadsheet or photograph is a fairly common event in just about every computer user’s experience. There are several causes for data to go missing: · Erroneous deletion makes some files inaccessible. Yes, it happens to all of us. You thought you did not need the file anymore only to find out otherwise. · Similarly, when someone works while tired or worn out, he or she makes a mistake and accidentally deletes an important file through the trash or recycle bin · The user formats a drive or media card before backing up or downloading the files. This is a common occurrence with cameras and MP3 players. · Sometimes an external drive will not mount, making the data inaccessible. These scenarios, as well as others, can often be remedied with a software-based solution. Expert data recovery Macintosh specialists often instruct clients to try a software fix before more expensive recovery procedures. An external hard drive may show up in Disk Utility on a Mac computer, but may not be able to mount properly. You can see the drive, but not access it. System repairs might fix the problem. However, the repairs may overwrite the files you need to retrieve. A hard drive data recovery Mac specialist will tell you that data recovery comes before disk repair. Data Rescue 3 LE, a top grossing recovery utility in the App Store, recovers deleted files from external drives. Additionally, it recovers files from external drives that will not mount, even though they show up in Disk Utility. Prosoft Engineering, a leading developer of Mac recovery and disk maintenance software, developed Data Rescue 3 LE.