There are several reasons why the files on a hard drive may become inaccessible. Accidental deletion, file corruption, and a drive that will not mount are some of the most common ones. In the case of accidental deletion, the file is not completely deleted until it is overwritten. The file itself is still there; the links and references to the file have been removed.

To recover lost data on a drive that is not physically damaged, data recovery software will need to be deployed. If the computer in question is a Macintosh, then software designed for Mac file recovery is necessary. One such software is Data Rescue 3 for Mac. This software has been developed by the experts at Prosoft Engineering. Data Rescue 3 directly supports over 270 different file formats. Additionally, Mac OS X file recovery is enhanced by FileIQ, a feature that allow Data Rescue 3 to “learn” new file types when samples are supplied to the software.

A separate source of recovery media is necessary for Mac file recovery operations. The software will not write the recovered files back to the same drive. This is designed to prevent any further damage to the lost data. Retrieval is usually made to an external hard drive that is connected to the computer by USB or FireWire connections. Other types of recovery media may also be used.

Data Rescue 3 for Mac is compatible with the latest versions of Mac operating systems from Mac OS X 10.4.11 up. It works on both PowerPC and Intel based computers. The program can run from a secondary Mac, a secondary bootable drive, a USB thumb drive, or from the Data Rescue 3 boot DVD. Data Rescue 3 for Mac, designed by Prosoft Engineering, has won numerous awards and accolades from many reviewers and Mac magazines. Prosoft stands behind the product with free technical support by phone or e-mail. Support is available both before and after running the data recovery software.