Nothing is more frustrating than losing an entire hard drive full of important documents and media, and having nowhere to go for Emergency Data Recovery. Important documents, family photographs, and music libraries can all disappear at the blink of an eye, leaving you to go to an expensive data recovery specialist, or forfeit all of your hard work. Even then, it’s often not possible to restore all of the data on the drive. But before you admit defeat and resign your files to the abyss, there are always more options for recovering your lost data, like Mac Data Recovery Software.

Data Rescue 3 from Prosoft Engineering is a professional, affordable soultion for those who don’t want to see all their valuable data lost forever. It works differently than most Mac Data Recovery Software, looking on your hard drive for lost pieces of content that will help locate the file, instead of attempting to fix the hard drive itself. When files are deleted from your computer or the hard drive is reformatted, the contents of the file will still leave a trace on the hard drive, allowing the complex algorithms of Data Rescue 3 to find files that would not show up in the file catalog, and might not be recoverable with standard Mac Hard Drive Recovery.

If your hard drive has been damaged or reformatted and it’s essential that you recover lost documents, Data Rescue 3 may be a lifesaver, and save you from the anguish that accompanies losing all the data on your hard drive.