It is inevitable that files on a Windows-based PC will be lost occasionally. There are several things that can be done to recover them, from simple actions to more complex solutions. The first thing a user should do – and many fail to perform this simple step – is to check the recycle bin. Many times the file has been accidently deleted and can be found there. Additionally, files may have been accidently moved during a drag and drop scenario. Use the desktop search function to find these files.

Even so, there are times that a file cannot be so easily recovered and file recovery software must be used. Data Rescue PC3 is a powerful solution when hard disk data recovery must be performed. The software will recover hard drive files safely, even if the computer will not boot into the operating system. The software is used as an application when installed on the computer. It will search the drive for the missing data and give the user results that include the probability of success.

If the hard drive will not boot, the installation disk doubles as an emergency boot disk. A special operating system included on the disk will run the computer, bypassing the operating system. This allows the software to scan the drive for the missing files and recover them to a secondary drive, an external drive or other media. By not allowing recovered files to be saved back to the main drive, Data Rescue PC3 ensures that they will not be overwritten.