Digital cameras are amazing devices. You can see your photos as you take them, delete the ones you don’t want and retake the shot with better composition. Some of the first camera cards were only 16 megabytes and seemed to cost a fortune. However, they were reusable and once you downloaded them to your computer, you were free to erase the card and start all over.

That is where the problem starts. It is very easy to delete photos before you have downloaded them. I know. I’ve done it. With the larger capacity cards now available, the number of photos that can be accidentally erased has increased exponentially. Fortunately, you may be able to retrieve most, if not all of those deleted files.

As you take pictures on your camera card, your camera is storing the picture in a space on the card.. Think of it like a parking lot.. it you have a blank camera media card and you take 200 pictures, you’ve filled up spaces 1-200… If you reformat the card, the pics are still there, but you’ve told the camera to start placing new pics taken into space 1 again.. So if you were to take 20 pictures then, you would’ve written over spaces 1-20.. That would mean that Data Rescue would likely be able to recover the original pics left over in spaces 21-200… This is why many times you can find really old pics on your camera card even though it’s been formatted and written to a bunch of times.. What happens is that you likely take a large amount of pics at some important event like a wedding or vacation. But after that, you only take 20 pics or so between formats of the card.. so you’re writing over the same spaces 1-20 each time, but have never gone past the 20th spot or so (and those pics are still there).. This is a very basic way of explaining the situation but it is easy to understand the parking lot reference. Of course, in real life it is not as cut-and-dry at that, and there are a few pics that likely get corrupted and written over with different sized pics,etc but you get the idea-

Data Rescue 3 for Mac computers and Data Rescue PC3 for Windows PCs are two software programs that are designed for hard disk data recovery. Additionally, they can be used on flash media and external drives for picture recovery. You might think of it as a camera card, but when you plug the card into the computer, it sees it as just another drive. Another product is Klix from Joesoft, our sister company… Klix is limited to scan JUST digital camera media cards and therefore the pricing is lower too-

Both programs can be installed as an application and run within the operating system. Plug your media card into a card reader, start up the program, and it scans the card for deleted files. You can preview the files it found and either select all of them or choose just what you need to recover.

DR3 and DR PC3 are both versatile programs and can be used for hard disk recovery, even when the drive will not boot or mount. It ships with an emergency boot disk that allows you to bypass the operating system and recover your files.