Protect your Mac hard drives with DrivePulse®

DrivePulse is a tool within the award-winning Drive Genius 3.  DrivePulse monitors the overall health of your Mac hard drives, by alerting you to possible issues before they become major problems.  Mac OS X does not include any utility to do this, so DrivePulse is a valuable tool to protect and monitor the health of your hard drives.

How does DrivePulse work?

DrivePulse® monitors the health of your internal or external hard drives daily when your computer is idle for 5 minutes to check for errors, fragmentation, or bad blocks.

How do I use DrivePulse?

After installing Drive Genius 3, you will need to enable the DrivePulse feature.  From there you will see the DrivePulse icon (the rectangle with the lightening bolt) now located in the top right section of your toolbar.

You can open an access all the drives you connect to your computer as well as the settings and preferences from this icon on your toolbar (no need to open the full Drive Genius 3 application).

Monitor the health of all your Mac hard drives with DrivePulse.

What kind of problems does DrivePulse look for?

Physical problems

DrivePulse® performs a Scan on a disk to search for bad blocks on the hard drive ensuring the physical integrity of the device. DrivePulse® is scheduled to Scan once a week, which takes about an hour to complete and will pause its progress when the computer is active again.

Volume consistency problems

DrivePulse® performs a Verify on the volume to assess the integrity of the catalog and directory structures. DrivePulse® is scheduled to perform a Volume verification once a day, which takes about 2 minutes to complete.

Volume fragmentation

DrivePulse® scans the volume catalog and its files to determine the amount of fragmentation. DrivePulse® is scheduled to check the fragmentation status once a week, which takes about 10 seconds to complete

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