Over the years, Prosoft’s support staff has fielded and helped thousands of customers recover lost data, defrag their Mac hard drives and backup their important computer files. During these calls, we ask users to take screenshots, send log files as well as clone and repartition their drives among other various tasks related to their requests. With that said, I thought it might be a good idea to gather a variety of tips, tricks and guides all in one page for future reference.

How to take a screenshot on your Mac 3 in different ways.

a. Entire screen: Apple (Command) Key +Shift+3 b. Partial screen: Apple (Command) Key +Shift+4 Selected window: Apple (Command) Key +Shift+4 then press Spacebar

Use QuickTime to make a screen recording of an application or a How-to guide. Launch Quicktime and go to the menubar and select “File” and then choose “screen recording” and follow the prompts afterwards. You can drag the screen record perimeter boundaries to fit any window or the whole desktop.

  1. How to make your Mac Library folder visible:

To make your Library folder appear and present the next time you open the finder, simply open a finder window and hold down the “Option” key while selecting “Go” from the menubar. You will see your Library folder appear. To keep it visible and handy you can drag it to the sidebar and add it your favorites.

  1. Make a bootable clone backup of your Mac HD drive. You can use our support how-to-guide and follow the easy steps to make a bootable clone.

Resizing your drive / volume and adding an additional partition This can be very helpful if you’re going to upgrade to Mountain Lion when it’s released this summer. We recommend adding and duplicating your Lion or Snow Leopard volume. If your install fails or there is a problem with accessing Mountain Lion from the App Store, you will have a second volume to retry from and/or use it simultaneously with Mountain Lion to ensure all your apps are compatible before migrating completely.