Prosoft launches a new professional drive utility for windows called MediaTools Wipe. A secure erasing tool like this is an invaluable application to have if you own multiple external and internal drives of all types. Every day we store sensitive and personal data on our devices. When you simply erase or format a drive it does not remove the data permanently. In this day and age with identity theft on the rise, it just good practice to secure erase your storage devices that contain personal and proprietary information.

MediaTools Wipe is much faster than conventional wiping applications and designed with the enduser and advanced user in mind. If your an IT professional or data recovery / hard drive recovery technician, MediaTools Wipe is a great tool to erase data for re-deploying laptops, workstations or hard drives that were used previously by other employees. You can use MediaTools Wipe to assist in throughly decommissioning old equipment and servers with a printable certificate of destruction for compliance.

Here’s how it works: MediaTools Wipe can securely erase one or more drives (up to 18) simultaneously with total user control. MediaTools Wipe overwrites and destroys all data on physical drive or logical partitions. Mediatools Wipe supports IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI / SSD / Flash type drive and devices. This tool allows many user controlled options like: multi-pass, custom wipe patterns, verify, printable data destruction certificate to name just a few. Designed for hot-swapping compatibility, no rebooting required and multiple wipe methods (forward, reverse, including smart error skipping). MediaTools Wipe is professional-level computer hard drive wiping software.