Don’t feel bad. We have all done it at one time or another. You have just returned from a wonderful family vacation, camera card full of photos and movies of the adventure. However, a birthday, recital or child’s ball game is scheduled and you have formatted the card so you can document the important event.

Unfortunately, you discover that the vacation shots have not been downloaded to the computer yet. You panic, thinking they are gone forever! But, do not worry; help is just around the corner. Just grab “KLIX” digital image recovery software from and the photos can be recovered quickly and easily. Klix even works when your camera media card has been corrupted and the pictures don’t show up on your camera (or your camera says :”No media card detected”)

Klix can recover digital photos that have been deleted from a camera flash card, even if the card has been formatted. When the accidental formatting is discovered, be sure not to use that card until you have performed the picture recovery. This prevents the files from overwriting, which could render them unrecoverable. This easy to use software will scan the contents of the memory card and restore the deleted content so that it can be downloaded to the computer.

KLIX works on both Windows-based PCs and Macs, and can recover movie files as well as photos. Download the free demo from and try it out. You just might be amazed at what is still recoverable from the camera card or hard drive.