Today I worked with a customer that was using Data Rescue 3 to recover data from an external hard drive. He had received errors for slow reads when scanning this drive so he was attempting to Clone the drive. The drive was 1 TB and he had another 1 TB drive to use as the Clone target but when he attempted the Clone he received an error that there was not enough free space for the Clone to run. He was not sure what to do at this point and contacted support for assistance.

I explained to him that there could be a small difference between the sizes of the drives and that could be why there is not enough space to run the Clone. I then guided him to the Expert features where he could select to “Set Drive/Volume Parameters” for his Source drive where you can specify where to Start and End a Scan or Clone. He tried trimming the parameters for the Source drive by 1 GB and then he was able to successfully start the Clone. He thought it was great that Data Rescue 3 had the flexibility to deal with the difference in sizes of the drives. When the Clone completed he was able to successfully scan and recover data from the Clone and was very happy to have his data back.