Throughout the year we take our laptops and storage devices almost everywhere we go. But how many of us actually back up them up on a regular basis, scan for bad blocks or even defrag your drives ? 2012 is around the corner and and the new year is always a good time to start a new resolution. This may be easier than you think. Prosoft Engineering has a solution to keep your Mac running in tip-top shape and monitor all your drives for issues before they develop into serious problems. Drive Genius 3’s feature “ Drive Pulse “ can monitor connected external drives and your internal boot drive. Purchasing Drive Genius 3 for 2012 ensures that your keep all your storage devices backed up up with the “ Duplicate “ tool and “ Defragment’d “ with the “ Defrag “ and error free with the “ Repair” tool.

To make your resolution just a little bit easier , were throwing some DIY how to guide’s for the feature’s mentioned. Now , there no reason you cant maintain, optimize, repair and defrag all of your Mac storage devices just like the Apple Genius Bar does.

Live Defrag Duplicate Scan Bad Blocks