Eventually, most computer users will need to recover lost files. Data recovery can often be accomplished by a software solution. If the hard drive is not physically damaged, the data loss is usually a logical problem caused by corrupted files or accidental deletion. Physical damage to a hard drive will require that the failed hard drive be taken to a drive recovery service like The Data Rescue Center since recoveries of this type require advanced tools, techniques, and training as well as a cleanroom environment where the drive may be safely opened if needed

However, data loss due to accidental deletion, operating system corruption, or file corruption can be solved in most cases by a recovery program like Data Rescue. Care must be taken, however, to choose software that will actually recovery the files without further damage. Prosoft Engineering, in business since 1985, has developed award-winning recovery software called Data Rescue 3 for Mac. The new version for Macintosh computers, version 3.1, comes as a bootable DVD that will allow for Mac file recovery on computers where the main drive will not mount. Version 3.1 has been improved to boot all of the latest Macs.

The main purpose of Data Rescue 3 is file recovery, not drive repair. This feature is extremely important because repairing the drive can often lead to further damage, rendering files unrecoverable. The list of file formats that Data Rescue 3 can recover natively is well over 150. The FileIQ feature enables the software to “learn” new file formats using samples supplied by the computer owner. Recovered files are placed on a separate drive, such as a second internal drive, external drive, or large capacity flash drive.