In the previous post about the new Mountain Lion Mac OS 10.8, I mentioned that you should take some precautions before you install it. In this post I’m going to explain some of those precautions in a little more detail. The new OS was released last week so, now is the time to start the process and begin upgrading now. Take advantage of the new features that Mountain Lion offers.

Even though the necessity of backing up your data has been touted for years, many folks still don’t have an effective routine. An effective plan is essential if you are serious about protecting your files from computer malfunctions. It is extremely important if you’re a business owner. Lost files, whether due to virus attack, physical damage or even the installation of a new OS, could slow down business productivity. It could even force you out of business. I’d recommend using our Data Backup 3 to protect your files. I use it to ensure that I never lose files for any reason. Of course, Drive Genius 3 is my software of choice to speed up my Mac, using its advanced drive maintenance features. Additionally, both of these programs can make a bootable clone of your hard drive. Should your installation of Mountain Lion fail, you can just revert back to the clone and be on your way. In the third and final installment of this series of posts, we’ll look at what you need to recover hard drive data. Hint: data recovery