With Apple’s Mountain Lion Mac OS X 10.8 operating system now available, it’s important that you get prepared for the installation. Please note that there is always the possibility of installation problems with any new system. However, preparing in advance will help you recover from any challenges you face. You need a strategy if your files become inaccessible because of installation glitches.

It’s easier to recover hard drive data if you have a recent backup of your files. Data Backup 3 is an excellent choice for backups. I use it to routinely backup my data, avoiding loss from any event.

Unfortunately, installing a new OS can cause issues with a hard drive occasionally. Since Mountain Lion must be downloaded, problems with your Internet connection, server errors or power losses can corrupt the installation file. A failed installation could damage your files as well as your installed programs. If you don’t have a proper backup, not only will you need to re-create your files, but you will need to reinstall your programs.

If the upgrade fails and trashes your programs, do you have all of the serial numbers necessary to reinstall them? If not, you may need to contact the vendor or perhaps even repurchase them. I’d suggest that you make a bootable clone of your drive. Drive Genius 3 can make a clone, allowing you to have an exact copy of all your data.