Why create a Drive Genius Mountain Lion Startup Disk?

If you are experiencing problems booting from your internal hard drive into the Mac OS, a great option is to create a Drive Genius startup disk.  Creating a Drive Genius startup disk will give you a secondary boot drive to do repairs, mount other drives, rebuild and access emails.  Of course, if  you are using the current OS (Mountain Lion), you will want this to be a Drive Genius Mountain Lion Startup disk.

Why Use Drive Genius 3

Drive Genius was released back in 2004 and has become the industry leader for Mac Utilities.  It has earned 4 and 5 star reviews from all the top Mac publications.  It is also used by Apple at their Genius Bar to defrag and optimize ProCare member hard drives.

Why Run Drive Genius from the Startup Disk?

The best and fastest way to run Drive Genius is by booting from a USB or FireWire Startup Disk.  This is the preferred method to get the best results out of the software. You will be able to launch Drive Genius quickly and effectively.

Steps to Creating the Startup Disk

Step 1: Format Mountain Lion Startup Disk

You can create and format the Mountain Lion startup disk using Drive Genius. BE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR DATA BECAUSE EVERYTHING WILL BE ERASED

  1. Launch Drive Genius 3.
  2. Click the Initialize icon from the arena menu or from the drop down menu on the top right.
  3. Select the drive you want to initialize (format).
  4. Choose the GUID Partition Table option.
  5. Label your Drive/Volume and click the Start button
  6. Confirm that you chose the correct drive and options BEFORE clicking Initialize.
  7. When it is completed, click Done. Time machine may prompt you to choose this drive as a backup disk, click Don’t Use.

Step 2: Access the Mountain Lion Recovery mode to start the installation

  1. Restart your Mac and hold down the “option” key until you see the Mountain Lion Recovery partition
  2. Select the recovery partition icon and click the arrow to proceed.
  3. The recovery partition allows you to install a new copy of Mac OS X Mountain Lion by clicking on the Reinstall Mac OS X icon.
  4. After selecting the reinstall option follow the prompts.
  5. After the Mountain Lion installation is complete it will prompt you to restart and start using Mountain Lion. After restarting, hold the “option” key down until you see the option menu. Now you will see your DG3 Startup Disk icon and simply click the arrow to boot from it.
  6. Upon rebooting you will install Drive Genius 3 to the applications folder and launch it from your startup disk like you would any other app.


Now that you are running Drive Genius 3 from a separate startup disk you can use all of the award-winning features on your internal Mac HD drive.