It’s always an exciting time when a new version of an operating system is released. The company starts promoting the new system with a bit of fanfare, touting the new features, enhancements to existing ones and describing how the new OS will make your computing life more exciting. That’s all well and good, and new features that make computing more productive, enjoyable and efficient are always welcome. However, make sure you don’t jump headlong into the new system without taking precautions. With every new system there is always the possibility of glitches in the installation or implementation that could potentially lose your files, and that’s when computer data recovery might be necessary. We design Mac OS X recovery software here at Prosoft and we’re intimately familiar with the potential pitfalls of installing a new operating system. With the release of Apple’s newest operating system, Mountain Lion Mac OS 10.8, we want to remind you to take steps to ensure that you don’t lose your data or program capabilities. While problems could be as simple as losing your Mac sound control program, it could be as devastating as losing all of your work files. Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. For example, the Mountain Lion OS must be downloaded. Server glitches and Internet connection problems could disrupt the download and cause installation file corruption. This could lead to a botched operating system install, possibly rendering your computer inoperable. There are steps you should take to avoid this and I’ll be addressing them in the next post.