Drive Genius 3’s DrivePulse® feature warns you of possible issues with your Mac hard drive before they become major problems. Today I helped a customer who was seeing warnings from DrivePulse® in regards to their iMac’s hard drive but was not sure what needed to be done next. She sent a screenshot of the warnings that indicated her Macintosh HD volume contained errors and needed to be repaired. Since this was for the primary startup disk, she would need to start up from another drive or use the Drive Genius 3 Boot DVD to unmount the volume and run the repair.

In this case she had a Mac that was still supported by the Boot DVD so I guided her in booting from the DVD and running the Repair. The repair ran successfully and she was able to continue to use her Mac without any issues. She was very glad that DrivePulse® was able to warn her about this issue beforehand and that she could easily fix the problem with Drive Genius 3.