As we accumulate digital media rapidly there are a few important factors that are easily over looked by most us. We store our files on various media formats based on size , price , tech specs and connectivity options. Once we purchase these storage devices and save our data to them its assumed mentally that the data is safe for the most part. In most cases this is true, but what happens when you plug your USB/Fire Wire external hard drive in and you don’t see the drive icon on your Mac ? A possible reaction to this is unplug the device and reinsert it again which can make it worse or the damage is already done. Another popular reaction is to open Disk Utility and try to repair the drive or use some other 3rd party hard drive utility which is not a good idea either. Using any drive utility can alter, move files and make the scenario worse if you are un able to access your unmountable hard rive.

A great solution is installing Data Rescue 3 and Drive Genius 3 on your Mac ahead of time and you can position your self to be able to recover from most data-loss , unmountable drive situations you may encounter. Drive Genius 3 will allow you monitor all of your drives health status with alert messages as they are encountered.

Data Rescue 3 , which happens to be the best Mac data recovery software on the market, can recover data from corrupted and failing hard drives. It can even recover your deleted files from your internal drive as well as USB flash drives. It also supports picture and movie recovery from SD and CF media as well

Drive Genius 3 includes many useful tools like Drive Pulse and Defrag, Repartition and Repair. Drive Pulse is a great tool to detect the issues I have described to alert you before they develop into more serious problems. The Defrag tool can be very helpful in speeding up your Mac by optimizing the volume.

The Apple Store sells Data Rescue 3 and Drive Genius 3 while the App Store offers the LE versions. You can find info on the differences between the two versions of both apps here.

Data Rescue 3 LE vs Data Rescue 3 /products/data-rescue-le.php

Drive Genius 3 LE vs Drive Genius 3 /products/drive-genius-le.php