It is great when things work properly, especially computer upgrades. However, anyone who has been computing for any length of time knows that sometimes things go wrong. This was brought to the forefront all too well this past week when Mac users started having problems when trying to reinstall Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Users with mid-2011 MacBook Air laptops got several error messages when trying to do the reinstallation process. Additionally, the system restore process gave them problems.

There were some other issues, including the lack of a pre-loaded installation USB stick. The whole upshot of the matter is that many users’ machines became unusable; therefore, their data was inaccessible. Things like this do happen and many computer users are not prepared to handle it. On many of the posts, several users stated that they opted to erase their drive completely. Others tried system restoration without any success. Both of these options are risky if the data has not been backed up beforehand.

The best steps to take for hard drive data recovery on a failed drive or problematic OS installation are to do data recovery first, then do the restoration or reinstallation. When doing a restoration or reinstallation first, you risk overwriting the data and rendering it permanently irretrievable. Even if the computer will not boot to the operating system, it is still possible to retrieve your files using good recovery software. Contact Prosoft Engineering for unique ways to recovery your MacBook Air using our Data Rescue 3 software.