Prosoft is proud to have Data Rescue 4 be the first hard drive recovery software for Mac available on a USB drive. This new version of Data Rescue now alleviates the #1 problem facing recovery software on the Mac, and that is the lack of something bootable to start the computer up in the cases where the main hard drive is corrupted or contains deleted files you’re trying to recover.

The End of Bootable DVDs

In the past, Data Rescue 3 and earlier versions were shipped on a bootable DVD or you could download and create your own bootable image (Apple no longer makes this possible since they removed their DDK). Also the newer Macs no longer have a DVD drive, so the process of booting up a bad mac has been very cumbersome.

Easy-to-Use Recovery Solution

Data Rescue 4 features our new proprietary tool called BootWell® that allows you to boot and safely recover files from any Mac.  For users looking for ultra simplicity they can purchase Data Rescue 4 on a high speed 3.0, 16GB USB flash drive, that has been created and carefully tested to work perfectly with Data Rescue for an additional $15. This preconfigured BootWell Drive option is the ideal, easy-to-use recovery solution (users can still download and just use their own media to create a bootable drive).  There is an article by Tom Nelson on about selecting a USB drive to boot from.

Variance in Pricing for USB Drives

Data Rescue 4 requires a USB drive that is 4GB or larger. If you do a search online to purchase a drive you will find them ranging in price from $6 to $25. Why the big variance in what looks likes basically the same thing? Prior to selecting our USB drive supplier we tested several drives extensively to find the drive that performed the most efficiently with Data Rescue 4. Here is an in-depth technical specifications of the drive we are selling One of the big differences in the type of memory and, to a lesser degree, the type of I/O controllers used by USB drives can make a drive perform two or three times faster and last 10 times longer than other drives. The average computer user has no way of gauging what is inside a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 flash drive, without checking reviews or running benchmarking speeds. The most logical guideline is that the more expensive drives will tend to be the fastest and, perhaps, last the longest. Storage devices have become smaller and more reliable with more and more information being stored on hard drives and flash media, eliminating the need for wasting time by writing the data on a CD or DVD, which are fragile.

Data Rescue 4 on a BootWell Drive = The Best Recovery Solution

Prosoft stands behind the USB 3.0 flash drives we are selling with Data Rescue 4 and ensure they have been individually hand tested and are the best possible recovery solution to get your files back safely and efficiently.