Wow, there is a lot of chatter on the internet yesterday and today about issues users are encountering while trying to upgrade or install Lion.  Some users have Lion crash their Mac, others are seeing Lion install issues that they can’t get around. The one thing to always try to do is have a backup of your drive– that way, should something go wrong, you’ll be ok.. But many people feel pretty secure about trying to do an OS upgrade without a backup (and let’s not forget, most of the times, the installation goes ok).  However, there is a small percentage of users that do encounter issues while trying to install an OS such as Lion and in those instances, the results can be heartbreaking–

This post is for those who have already tried to install or upgrade to Lion and are having major problems with a failed installation. Also, this is for folks that do not have a backup they can simply revert back to…   For people in that situation, here’s what we recommend:

First off, you need to try to NOT write any more data to that now-messed-up hard drive.. Writing files to it could overwrite files, making them impossible to ever get back.   You therefore need to run a recovery software tool like Data Rescue 3 from Prosoft.  It can scan that messed up hard drive and allow you to copy files over to whatever second hard drive you have..   Make sure to NOT install Data Rescue to that messed up hard drive (or download it there) since that too can overwrite files you want..  Instead, download the application to another Mac.. Or use another mac to burn your own emergency bootable DVD with Data Rescue on it (when you buy Data Rescue 3 online from Prosoft you get an emergency boot DVD image to download and make your own boot DVD with.. Do that by using another computer, remember, you want to do as little as you can to the hard drive that is currently having issues-

You can also purchase Data Rescue 3 from any apple store in the world. They have it right there on the shelf- Inside the box is a bootable DVD which can boot your computer, allowing you to scan the hard drive that was corrupted by the failed Lion install. After scanning the drive, you can save all those files to a second hard drive..

Check our booting options listed here:


If you have any questions about Mac Lion installation issues or problems, please contact Prosoft Support or Data Rescue 3 sales… We’re here to help!

Once you have all your important files recovered (copied) over to that second hard drive, using Data Rescue 3, you can then attempt to redo the Lion OS 10.7 install.     If you try to do the Lion OS install again before you’ve copied/recovered those files, then you stand a chance that the install might overwrite files.