Mac Data Recovery Software That Scores a Perfect 10

Calling all Mac users in need of hard drive recovery or deleted file recovery! Recovering your files couldn’t be any easier then with Data Rescue 3.  It can be overwhelming when faced with all the options that come up after searching the internet for Mac data recovery software.   So many of the options are data recovery software that has been converted from Windows or some other OS application in order to be compatible with the Mac OS.

Best data recovery software for over 10 years

Data Rescue has been the number 1, best-selling hard drive recovery software for Mac for over 10 years.  It is a Mac only program that is inherently built for the Mac from the ground up.  Apple sells in through their online store and even has a worldwide site license for internal use for their employees.  Data Rescue is also sold on Amazon and has a 5 star rating.

How Immune Is Your Mac To Data Loss?

Macs are hands down the most reliable OS for any user, and yet they’re still susceptible to failure. It’s important when faced with data loss to get software for your Mac which gains the highest score on all aspects—such as safely restoring data, additional search and recovery features, and timely help and support. Apart from these recovery features, salvaging data is not the only concern; it’s important to have the required support mechanism in place. Here’s a look at your ideal Mac hard drive recovery software: 

10/10 in Recovering Data:

In terms of recovering data, here are some of the important features:

  • Identifies new file types that can be simply dragged into the application with File IQ.
  • A clone feature—a disk-imaging feature that allows one to retrieve data easily.  Great solution to a hard drive that is starting to fail and have mechanical issues.  You can clone an image of your drive and scan that image for your files.
  • Unique data scan locations that can be chosen easily with the help of individual scanning features
  • Facilitates data recovery without going into the complexity of repairing the drive—the only recovery application to do so.  So it is a safe solution since there is no way you can write to the drive and erase your files.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use.
  • Award-Winning, best data recovery software for the Mac since its debut in 2002.

10/10 in Search & Rescue Operations:

There are several features of the Mac OS that can be recovered with the help of Mac recovery software such as:

  • Recovering the original file types after the Mac OS converts the names of the files.
  • Previewing the recovered files, which is incredibly useful when one is hunting for a particular file.

10/10 in Gaining Help & Support:

If you are unsure about personally handling the recovery of your Mac OS, you can recover your data with the help of Mac support professionals who are:

  • US-based support teams who facilitate the needs of Mac users within the country.
  • Experts who are engineers and technicians themselves.
  • Knowledgeable on providing aid on their unique products.
  • Friendly and willing to aid at any time.

Don’t make the successful recovery of your data an elusive idea. When it comes to the Mac OS, it’s important to select one product that exclusively deals with Mac disk recovery. With rich features, one can have the added comfort of quick recovery as and when required. The easy-to-use navigation capability makes this Mac software one of the most highly rated products for current and future Mac users.

Try our products to gain the advantage of the perfect score for Mac recovery.