Here is a visual overview of the components that are necessary to use Data Rescue 3 - Mac Data Recovery Software to recover your data.

1.  A Problem Mac Hard Drive

  •  A hard drive that has crashed (blue screen of death) or one that no longer will mount to the desktop
  • Deleted files (files that have previously been deleted and the trash has been emptied)
  • Accidentally reinstalled the OS*
When the OS is reinstalled, it overwrites data.  If the data is overwritten, Data Rescue 3 will not be able to recover it.

2. Workspace

  • What is Workspace? Workspace is a separate, secondary hard drive from the drive you are scanning.  This is used to save the recovered files to.

3.  Physically Failing Hard Drive?

  • Protect yourself from a future hard drive crash • Receiving slow read warnings • Intermittent physical problems

4.  Clone Feature

  • The clone feature is a great way to make an exact copy of a drive.  Then you can do the actual recovery and scan from the clone instead of from the failing hard drive.
  • This will require an external hard drive of equal size without any data on it to create a clone of the problem drive.

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