In the past, most of our Data Rescue Mac Recovery Software home users are only looking for very limited amount of data, either just a single file or archive. With more and more laptops being released with hard drives that are 250GB or below, there are many customers who only need to recover this limited amount of data. This is one of the reasons that we have changed our pricing structure, to allow users the ability to just purchase the amount of space they require.

With Data Rescue Lite you can now purchase a version of Data Rescue Mac Recovery Software for $49 that will have 250GB worth of recovery space, while this will be sufficient for most cases, if you find more than 250GB of data we now offer a new feature PaperByte which will allow you to purchase additional recovery space as you see fit for your specific scenario. You also have the ability to upgrade the DR Lite version to the DR Standard to gain an unlimited amount of recovery space.

DR Lite comes with FREEĀ email technical support, if you find that you need additional instructions and would like to have over the phone support you can purchase the phone support individually Here or you can upgrade your software to DR Standard which boast unlimited recovery space on up to 5 drives as well as including email and phone support. With these more flexible pricing options we are hoping to allow users who previously could not afford the software to be able to recover their data at a lower cost.