Data Rescue 3 is the best data recovery software for recovering files from your Macintosh computer. Part of the reason is that Data Rescue 3 focuses on file recovery, not risky file system or directory repair. It is important that a recovery program does not attempt repairs because that could potentially overwrite the data that needs to be retrieved. This is especially necessary in situations where a drive will not mount or boot.

For a crashed Hard Drive or a hard drive that doesn't mount, Data Rescue 3 recovers all types of files and file formats on your ailing drive. For deleted file recovery,  this award-winning software has built-in support for over 150 different file formats. While that is usually enough for most users, there are new file types being developed all of the time. To ensure that you can recover all of your missing data, Data Rescue 3 includes a feature called FileIQ to lean new file types.Data Rescue 3 runs as a 64-bit application on Mac OS 10.6 or later with a compatible 64-bit processor. 64-bit programs run faster than the older 32-bit applications; therefore, this configuration will speed up my Mac data recovery significantly. When scanning for deleted files on a mounted drive or recovering data from secondary drives, external drives or digital media cards, the application works very efficiently.On the other hand, main drives that will not mount or drives that are corrupted cannot be recovered using an application running in the operating system environment. To facilitate recovery in these scenarios, Data Rescue 3 has an emergency boot disk included. This feature allows the user to run the computer from the DVD and makes data recovery possible.The cloning feature copies your drive to another volume or drive. When hardware issues are possible and your drive could fail, this feature permits file recovery to be accomplished on a known good drive. Because the recovery process can take a long time, the old drive could fail before all files are recovered. Cloning ensures successful drive recovery before potential drive failure occurs. The Deleted File Scan runs as an application and searches the free space on your drive for files that have been recently deleted. Deleted files are reconstructed and placed in the recovered files folder. Because this feature searches only the free space, it is typically faster than the deeper scans. The Quick Scan and Deep Scan features run from the boot disk and can be used on drives that do not mount. The Quick Scan is faster, but can only be used on a single volume on the drive. If multiple volumes are present on the drive or if your files are not found, running the longer, more extensive Deep Scan may be necessary. Data Rescue 3 has garnered several awards and great reviews, but customer feedback is important to us because these are the folks that use our software. You can read their testimonials at our website, Hall of Fame.